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Madinah is the capital city of the province and 2nd holy city .it is a city of peace and tranquility and city Of number of historical sites and city of culture heritage .The city full of UNESCO archaeological sites. It includes the following important holy sites, attractions such as Masjid e Nabvi, Masjid Qiblatin, Seven Mosque, Hijaz Railway Museum, Quran Museum, Museum heritage ,Wadi Bathan , Battle Uhud , Masjid Quba ,Madain Saleh ,Nabathean Civilization ,Lehyanite Civilization, Deadan Civilization ,Prophet Mosque.Madinah Hotels with BB, Madinah Hotels with Half Board, Madinah Hotels with Haram view ,Madinah Hotels with City view , Madinah Hotels in markzia area . All hotels and accommodation are near by holy sites and attractions Book with us Madinah Hotels while visiting umrah ,hajj or Islamic tour .

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