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Madinah Munawara

Al Madina is the administrative center of the Madina province, as well as the most important Islamic city. A city of peace and tranquility, where many historic and archaeological sites along with several Islamic historic battle sites are found here. Madinah is rich in culture, heritage and museums. Vast date plantations and ancient traditional markets (Souks) alongside modern shopping malls and arcades abound here.

Madinah Munawara Itinerary

  • Day 1 -> (1:40pm ‐ 4:00pm) -> Reception at the airport and then transfer to the hotel and lunch at madinah - Al Rayyan Hotel.
  • (5:00pm ‐ 6:30pm) -> visit the Hijaz Railway Museum, Al ‐ Mosque, Ancient, Anbar Railway.
  • (6:30pm ‐ 7:00pm) -> prayer at the Anbariyah Mosque.
  • (7:00pm ‐ 8:30pm) -> visit Heritage Museum then Dine at the picnic restaurant and retrun to hotel.

  • Day 2 -> (8:00am ‐ 8:45am) -> Breakfast at the hotel, Mount Sun, the cemetary of martyrs one, the mountain archers, and a detailed explaination of the events of invasion of one of the martyrs.
  • (11:30am ‐ 12:15pm) -> Mousque Qablatin, and traffic on the well Othman bin Affan Azhari.
  • (8:00am ‐ 8:45am) -> Seven mosques, and a detailed explanation of the events of the trench, the noon prayer in the mosque of the trench Sih.
  • (1:00am ‐ 2:30pm) -> Lunch at the Persian restaurant then return to the hotel for rest
  • (5:00pm ‐ 9:00pm) -> Visit the Fortress of Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf historic, visit Wadi Bathan Maghrib prayer in the Mosque of Quba, Visit the King Fand Park and the Heritage Quarter and the street of its kind and Have Dinner at the Jazz Lang Restaurant, then go back to the Hotel

  • Day 3 -> (9:00am ‐ 9:45am) -> Breakfast at the hotel.
  • (10:00am ‐ 1:00pm) -> Visit the Prophet's Mosque and noon prayer Visit the Mosque of Al Ghamama.
  • (2:00pm ‐ 3:00pm) -> Lunch at popular korban restaurants.
  • (3:00pm ‐ 4:40pm) -> comfort in the hotel.
  • (5:00pm ‐ 6:30pm)
    (7:00pm ‐ 9:00pm)
    (9:15pm ‐ 11:00pm) -> Visit the Museum of the Holy Quran, and the prayer of Maghrib in the Prophet's Mosque Visit one of the entertainment complexes Have dinner at the red fish restaurant

  • Day 4 -> (8:00am ‐ 9:00am) -> Breakfast at the Hotel.
  • 9:00am ‐ Leave the Hotel to the Airport.


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